The Best Static Aircraft Display at RNAS Culdrose Air Day 30 July 2015

The Gazelle Squadron Display Team is coming to an airshow near you in 2016!

The Gazelle Squadron is a unique team of ex-British Military Gazelle helicopters in their original military colours and with their original military registrations  

The core team includes four Gazelles, one from each service;  The Royal Navy, The Royal Marines, The Army Air Corps and The Royal Air Force   

Initially the RAF and RM aircraft are appearing as static pair at airshows.   We are presently rebuilding the other aircraft and seeking sponsorship to cover the costs of putting the show on the road and working up to a full flying display

Latest News & Pics

The new kid on the block a Gazelle HT4 in RAF VVIP colours!

See the Team next at the Abingdon Air Show Sunday 1st May 2016

The Gazelle Squadron                          Display Team
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The Gazelle Squadron Display Team

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The Gazelle Squadron

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